Friday, October 31, 2014

Queen Isabella Saying Goodbye to Transylvania (1863)

Alexander Von Wagner's title is one which I very much want to appropriate.

Happy Darn Halloween!

by the way.

Trick or treat was a great success here. We've never seen so many candy junkies before.

Maybe the little (three feet tall) pumpkin headed plushie guy with the glowing eyes we put out front increased the traffic.

I actually had to give some of my own candy away when the numbers exceeded expectations.

Greater love hath no sugar junkie than this: to lay down his bite-sized Peppermint Patties in the Trick or Treat bag of another.

The Twilight Saga

I wonder if, in the earlier drafts of the Twilight novels, Stephenie Meyer gave Bela a third suitor without any superpowers, a young man who was just really, really good at crafts. I mean to complicate her "romantic decision." Don't underestimate the power of a macrame steering wheel cover to sway a lover.

(I feel the same way)

(small blue paintings for the middle of the night)

Let's go to Pompeii on Halloween.

Words to Be Made into a Painting