Friday, February 5, 2016


I made another Tumblr where I'm anonymous just because I enjoy that process sometimes.

People seem to like what I'm posting so far.

I hope my new followers are tolerant of superposters, because I am going through my data outrigger devices and I estimate I have about 400K images (not all photos, a mix of everything) to get through as I winnow and narrow down.

Now if I could stop walking around with a digital camera. Film is so wonderfully self-limiting. If I can take two hundred shots of something, I will. I had to go to the West Shore today and then I fell into too much clicking because I liked where I was.

I ordered more film, Kodak Ektar, a few rolls of AGFA and I just bought a Kodak disposable camera that expired in 2011 for 1.99 on Ebay. Then I bought two rolls of Tudorcolor (also expired) which are coming from Hong Kong. I hope they get here. They were dirt cheap too. The sellers both had perfect feedback (other film was Mexico but ships from CA) so I'm probably fine. I think Tudorcolor is dead filmstock now since everything for sale on Ebay was expired film.

I always think of the video below when I think of Tudorfilm.

(digital never ends)




the morning after the snowstorm.

At Your


The pears the pears
standing in cups

and dark waves

everywhere else the ground
will arise
bright as a being