Monday, September 22, 2014

In Schuyler's

In Schuyler's Collected Poems,
the balcony you see on the cover
in Fairfield Porter's lilac-misted painting
(diffuse aquarelle dream of atmosphere
that includes an honestly obese Schuyler
reading I-wonder-who's green book)
can be found described on page 323
in "Beaded Balustrade," a reprise
of the paean to the same barrier
found on page 320 ("This Morning").
The first poem clearly doesn't do
the metalwork's floral vignette justice,
hence this second go
(I'm guessing a day or so later)
which tackles the abstract pattern
and wrestles it into concrete submission.
(Schuyler's schtick. Everyone's got one.)
For some unjustifiable reason,
I have faith the Collected 
has got the chronology
exactly right, perhaps because
we can see by Porter's watercolor
that Schuyler is deliriously literal
and precise and honest.
At least when describing balconies.
Who knows about the rest.
I love the way Fairfield
included a phantasmal orange flower
at the right of this composition
(to paint Schuyler and not flowers--
I think not)  I'm fairly certain began
as an accident where someone
absent-mindedly set down a coffee cup
in the wet paint, and the artist
just worked with it,
and gave us this great orange
wabi-sabi flower to match
Schuyler's rather wabi-sabi
paintbrush of a mind.
This would so make sense.
Because to read Schuyler
is to believe the world's accidents
were made to be tortured
right back into beauty.

Gerontophilia (2014)

You can never have too many hats, gloves, shoes or Bruce LaBruce images/films.


(you made me cry again)

Christian Weidner

I was happy to see my latest Tumblr follower is painter Christian Weidner.

I really enjoy his sense of plasticity and his range. It's like art brut updated to our epistemologically weird contemporary visual thing in which spatialization is sort of kittenish (sorry, but that's the right word).

Anyway, I think so much of his work is strong. And even better...pleasurable.

Here's his portfolio site, if you're allergic to Tumblr or something.

And here's a really charming photo of the artist showcasing his work.

Christian Weidner, Studio #1, 2014, Proselytization, Oil on canvas, 22 x 30 cm on B/W Print on Paper, 90 x 120 cm

Submitted Five Poems

I submitted five poems to a Canadian magazine I admire just now.

I always end up having to reset my Submittable password, darnit.

Kafka, Diaries

"September 22. Nothing."